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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

No - it's no one we know, just a cute puppy dog.  SWMBO has a soft spot for collies - goodness knows why - they are hyperactive and I wouldn't call her that particularly. So what's new in my life since I last posted?  After all that frenetic energy I expended on Saturday, I took it easy on Sunday morning with Benson, Chaz and Molly.  They are a funny double act.  When they get out of their moving kennel, and are still attached to their leads, Chaz pulls Molly along by her leash and her feet don't touch the ground.  She's not very happy about this but it's fun to watch.
Monday evening I was taken out to Molesey for a barbeque. This was at Malcolm and Sandra's house and I was reminded of a time long ago, when I attended their kennel one Sunday afternoon.  I was wandering around the garden leaving my mark on every plant they owned, when I suddenly realised that there was a rabbit in close vicinity.  I got the scent and started to run up and down the wall that separated me from my quarry.  If only I'd known that the wall got lower at one end, I'd have had that creature on the barby before you could say 'Duracell bunny'. So, they tied me to Dad's chair.  Big mistake.  I pretended  to have forgotten about the rabbit and planned my move carefully.  The wall was made of bricks with holes in them, so I could see exactly what was going on in the neighbour's garden.  Just when I thought I could have that bunny in one leap, I made my move.  Sadly I had forgotten that I was attached to Dad's wooden garden chair.  Suddenly I was wearing gin and tonic and HWMBO was sprawled over the lawn shouting at me.  For some unknown reason, he sent me to Coventry for the rest of the day and I spent the next hour in the boot of the moving kennel until SWMBO calmed him down.
Anyway, the rabbit is no more, so I just checked out the garden for foxes.  I did my starving dog thing again and was rewarded with sausages and left over chicken.  No I know this is getting repetitive but I brought up all I'd eaten in the last few hours.  I only do it if I have an audience.  I quickly ate it all up again but still didn't feel right, so I started to eat grass.  That did the trick and I was sick again.  This time it was all picked up and I had to go hungry until the next day.  There was talk of a visit to the vitnary if this keeps on, so I'd better not overdo it methinks. 
This morning after we'd collected Benson, we had to go to HIS vitnary.  He had a tick attached to his inner ear and he was crying like a stuck pig.  What a puppy.  For a horrible moment, I thought I was going to get treatment but I was only taken in because it was too hot in the car.  It was all over in a second and then we went to the park.  Imagine my huge delight when the lovely Ellie and Cindy showed up.  This time it was Benson's turn to suck up to Cindy and my goodness did he try his luck.  She didn't mind but her sister Ellie did and kept telling him off.  By the way, Ellie ignored me - after all that flirting on Saturday!  Bitches, I'll never understand them.

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