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Saturday, 3 July 2010


Hello dog lovers!  (Was that presumptious?) Possibly.
This is a picture of Whippy.  I know this blog is often like a dog cemetary but compared to humanoids, we're not here that long.  I am showing you this snap because her owner has come to stay for a few days. This was Whippy in her prime but she's no longer with us.  She's sitting on a cloud with Barbara Woodhouse at the helm. It's HWMBO's birthday on Monday and as a surprise, his daughter Michelle has come to visit for a few days. I guess she's my step sister right? I was placed in the boot of the car yesterday and was expecting to go on a walk, but we went to the train station, where we waited on the platform.  SWMBO sat on a bench seat and I went underneath for some shade and had a little sniff around.  I really didn't mean to make the large lady on the other side jump - honest.  I just made myself known through the slats and she jumped up and told SWMBO to keep her dog under control. Some people have no sense of fun. Anyways, I thought we were going somewhere on the train but when it came to a halt, lots of people got off and some even came and stroked me.  Then right at the back, I smelled a familiar family member and it was Whippy's owner Michelle.  Dad was at Henley and didn't know she was coming and he got a great surprise when he came home.  I have been out today with the usual pack, Benson, Charlie and Molly.  She had to wake me up to go.  I thought, 'This had better be worth it.'  Nothing much to report, apart from Benson carrying the largest log I'd ever seen in one dog's mouth and we all had to get out of his way before he knocked us over.
I was thinking about a great walk I had some time ago, when I could run well. I was put in the car and was driven many many miles to a location in the country.  When I got out of the boot, I saw millions of dogs who looked like me.  It was a Welsh Springer reunion type thing.  We all went on a super walk over moorland and once off the lead, I got lost in a sea of red and white dog.  They who must be obeyed were worried because they couldn't pick me out but I knew exactly where they were and kept coming back to them to show them I cared. Half way round the walk, we passed a stud farm.  Inside a glorious paddock, where several sleek looking stallions and other wonderful horses.
Frankly they looked so bored, just chomping away on the grass, blah blah blah, that I thought I'd give them a run for their money.  Surely they couldn't run as fast as me.  I told many of the other Welshies to follow my lead but they all 'Welshed' out on me and I went in alone.  I soon stirred them up and suddenly, I was being chased by one.  All hell broke loose and the humans started screaming, 'Get that dog under control'.  I ran round and round the paddock as if my life depended on it - and I have since reflected that it probably did.  Anyway, I escaped without injury and went to find SWMBO.  I was most suprised when she turned away and pretended she didn't know me.  Everyone was looking very disapprovingly at me but hey - no harm done.  I was absolutely exhausted by the end of the walk and oddly, we don't go any more. Laters.


  1. Well Taffy you sure have got up to mischief in your time.
    Be sure to wish HWMBO a very happy birthday from us all, kittens included :)
    Love Saskia and Ciaran and the clan xx

  2. Woof Woof Kim & Co. I'll tell HWMBO that you said H. B. x