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Sunday, 4 July 2010

A Right Charlie

Since I have become midly famous, I have had begging letters from other dogs just queuing up to be on my blog.  Now this is Charlie of Warlingham.  I have never met him but I understand I share my chews and dog treats with him.  He's only small, so I figure he can't eat that many.  Can he?  I also understand that he has to work for his treat.  He talks, chases his tail, rolls over and plays dead.  Some clever canine.
I don't have much to tell you really.  I was taken up to Epsom Downs today with Benson, where we met Nicki (my second Mum), Molly and Charles Ward.  Benson and Charles get on famously together but the three other dogs were all playing chase the stinky, slimey, used to be green tennis ball.  Have they nothing better to do?  I usually get knocked over at least once and today was no exception.  When we got back, SWMBO was rushing about and I realised, as the slap went on, that they were going out.  I was dispatched to Molly's house for the day.  Yesterday, Michelle found a tick on my skin.  How degrading! Let's just keep this to ourselves.  In the Sunday Telegraph (yes, I can read!) they say that this is the year for ticks.  Oh great - how good is that?  I need all my blood thank you very much.  So, whilst at Molly's house, Hayley, the 'vitnary' nurse was tasked to perform an operation on my delicate flesh.  Before you could shout Get Down Shep, it was off me. Lewis (Molly's pack member, who was 126 in dog years yesterday) was less than impressed with my parasite.
Then I wet my nappy - sorry belly band.  Nicki had to send a text message to SWMBO whilst they were having a curry - to ask if she could go in the house and find a new dry nappy.
They eventually came and got me and I was deliriously happy - until some medicine was squirted into my mouth, without so much as a by your leave.  My poorly paw has been worrying me again so I have taken to licking the nail bed to make it sorer.  Anyone would think I liked going to the 'vitnary'.  So, now I am sporting a belly band and a ladies black sock with a diamante bow on it - held up with a black hair elastic.  All I need now, to complete the ensemble, is one of my fine bandanas.  Give me strength.

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