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Monday, 12 July 2010

Separation Anxiety

Remember Charlie and Molly?  Well whilst their owners are sunning themselves and feeding stray dogs on the beach in Turkey, I have been trying to take their minds off the separation.  To that end, I am willing to share my owners if it makes the week go faster for them.  HWMBO had a day at home so SWMBO got him out of bed early - and that was no mean feat - and she made him accompany me, Benson, Chaz and Molly to the park.  The boys lost the new green tennis ball within minutes of getting there and we spent a boring 15 minutes looking for it.  I thought border collies were smarter than that - but apparently not.  We were out for well over an hour.  We all had a great time and just near the end, Charlie ran after a jogger - or so we thought.  SWMBO tried to run after Charlie and frankly dear reader it was not a pretty sight.  Wibble wobble - too many of those Milkyway Way desserts me thinks.  However Charlie had other plans and led us all to a filthy pond.  As I was way behind the others, I was collared in the nick of time but the other three were in a state.  Benson's owner Olive, must have been shocked to see her lovely dog so dirty and completely covered in burs and grass seeds.  I heard SWMBO making a grooming appointment for later this week, so I really wanted to make it worth while but I was the cleanest.
On Saturday, SWMBO went out for the day and during the morning, HWMBO had a man come round to do a job on his kennel on wheels.  I hate being ignored and left alone and so I ran around the house checking all the rooms and ended up on the bed of my mum and dad.  Saturday is 'change the sheets day', so the bed was unmade and only the duvet cover remained in a heap in the centre of the bed.  I was so distracted, barking and whining, that I hadn't noticed that HWMBO had come back in the kennel and was advancing up the stairs to see what all the noise was about.  Imagine his surprise to discover me atop of the duvet on the bed, (with my back and bad joints!) barking for England and having a wee at the same time.  Well if SWMBO were there, I don't think I'd have been told off quite as much.  Suffice to say I kept a low profile for the rest of the day until she came home.  When he told her all about it, I pretended to sleep but I did hear her say that it was his fault for leaving the bedroom doors open.  And I agree!

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