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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Benson in the dog house

Good morrow dear reader.  I have been taken to Richmond Park today with Benson.  I like to go there for the new smells.  There are creatures with horns that live there and I've chased a few in my time.  Now I can't be bothered.  Not so Benson though, so I help SWMBO look out for them, so we can go the other way. Well, we were walking along minding our own business, well Benson wasn't actually.  He's into everything and everybody - more of which later.  SWMBO  spotted a strange man lurking behind a big tree.  She hung back and decided to give him a wide berth.  He kept leaning around the tree, checking on us.  I wasn't scared at all and Benson wasn't either because he ran straight around the tree and flushed out a woman!  We don't know what they were doing but both were adjusting their dress as they emerged.  They were looking a bit cross now I come to think about it.  Humans, I never can fathom them out.
We then went to Pembroke Lodge for a fatty latte and SWMBO's friend, Dawn appeared out of the blue with a human child of about 14 dog years - going on 21 dog years.  I like children but I couldn't eat a whole one.  I'd probably just leave the head again.  (See previous post)
Well, we were just taking in the view and the smells, when a dog came up to us to bark, 'Hi - how's it hanging fellas?'  Benson put his ears back and was obviously very interested in the pooch.  So, then what does he do - but cock his leg over SWMBO's trousers!  I was snorting with delight.  Fresh on today and smelling of Oxydol or something similar.  She wasn't too impressed.  Anyway, the conversation went on, and on and on and we just wanted to go home for a rest.  Then a man came up to stroke Benson.  You'll never guess what he did!  Yes, he cocked his leg on his trousers too.  SWMBO screamed No and the man cleared off on the hurry up.  In Benson's defence, there wasn't much to come out because we'd had our walk but I'm just glad it wasn't me in the dog house for a change.  Ah well,  must be time for a few Z's before dinner. Chow!


  1. Well Taffy, you have had us rolling in the aisles here at the Kitten House.
    I had trouble reading it as I couldn't see for laughing. I don't suppose SWMBO was very impressed with Bensons party piece, still at least you weren't in trouble for a change.
    Love and hugs
    Saskia and Ciaran xx

  2. It was sooooo funny to see her face. You should have been there. SWMBO says she's glad she made someone happy!!