~~My name is Taffy and this is my story~~

Thursday, 19 August 2010

For my faithful followers

SWMBO didn't want me to put this photograph on my blog - but who's blog is it anyway?  She thinks she looks like a man.  Well, I didn't argue.  The gorgeous creature with her is Eddy, who you will remember is my cousin who lives in Torquay.  They were sailing down to Dartmouth from Totnes as I recall, without me.  I was no doubt living it up in Molesey with my other mum and dad, Val and Eric.
I may not have been very vocal recently but it's been all go this end.  Charlie and Benson have had kennel cough and Molly has had conjunctivitis.  Trixie Belle of Ewell - Charlie and Molly's cousin - has had the cough too.
One day I actually had SWMBO to myself for a walk. Mum had to take Benson to the 'vitnary' and go and get him his meds.  Charlie and Molly were in quarantine and then Benson was.  For some unknown reason, Molly and I seem to have got away with it.  My claws are crossed and I hope I haven't barked too soon.  Perhaps because we are older dogs.  One day, as Benson was stir crazy, his Mum called my Mum and asked her to take him out as he was driving her nuts.  In the mean time, I have been walking with my bitches, Elle and Cindy.  I love their company and their aroma.  Benson does too.  He's back walking with us now.  Today he was scooting along the grass on his itchy bottom, with his lipstick on show.  No class Border Collies.  No class at all.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

I can still pull 'em

Evening all. I must apologise for my absence on line but sometimes life just takes over.  I'm normally asleep so I don't notice but not much has been occurring in this kennel. This is a picture of me with a puppy that was born at Mrs. Jelley's house to Sienna.  She appears to like me don't you think?  Mrs. Jelley is my groomer, you may remember. 
I went to Richmond Park today with Benson.  We met Dawn and her young charge Martha.  We had to take in the swings and slides in the children's play area but Benson, SWMBO and I had to stay outside.  I was too busy trying to sniff out rabbits and Benson was chasing the ball, so we didn't mind the humans enjoying themselves elsewhere.  After the walk, Benson fell in love with a randy 9 year old Staffie called Grace.  Grace?  Trollop more like.  She was walking all funny with her tail over to one side and giving Benson the come on.  Benn never needs much encouragement and before long he was getting very intimate with her exposed bottom.  I heard SWMBO saying to him, 'Well you're not licking me anymore today'.  Benn becomes totally deaf when he's in love and SWMBO had a hard time separating the two lovelorn pooches.  Grace was off lead and followed us, presumably with the intention of swapping telephone numbers or email addresses with Benn but eventually she gave up when we were both dragged to a picnic area.  Martha was given a sausage sandwich and I know from experience that children get bored eating and it's just a waiting game.  Before you knew it I was partaking in sausage and french bread with ketchup.  Benn refused to eat, being so in love with Grace, so I had the lot.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Hello strangers

Did you wonder where I was?  It's been a bit quiet round these here parts since last week.  SWMBO is unwell.  What a drama queen.  I'd heard talk of them going to Dover on Saturday - without moi I might add.  So, on Friday afternoon, we went to Val & Eric's kennel and I stayed overnight.  She was looking a little peaky I must say but I noticed there was nothing at all wrong with her appetite.  HWMBO drove her home and I barked and barked until they were out of view.  At 4am in the morning, I woke Eric up by putting my paw on his arm and he took me downstairs and into the garden.  I know what you're thinking - but imagine the alternative.  Well, I was most surprised when mid morning, HWMBO came to collect me.  We went home and the kennel was like a morgue (not that I'd know what a morgue looks like!) with the curtains closed and SWMBO trying to sleep but just coughing and complaining.  HWMBO kept trying to put drops in her eyes but she was resisiting and squealing like a stuck pig.  I was trying to sleep myself actually.
So, on Sunday, I went out with Dad.  In the park we met Charles and Molly Ward.  Always good to see them.  Well, I thought so, but Charles play bit Dad's watch and cracked the glass.  I understand the repair and the service of said watch are the price of a b****y mortgage.  Odd really, when I know SWMBO didn't pay all that much for it when they were on holiday in Jersey.  Not that he knows of course.
So, I haven't seen Benson since Friday morning.  Good thing really, because he weed on my head.  I don't think he did it on purpose but you never know with those pesky border collies.  My white fur turned yellow and I had to have another shampoo and blow dry.
Yesterday, I wasn't walked at all.  Mum stayed in bed and I thought I'd have a day off but today she got dressed for the first time in what seems like days.  When she puts on her socks, I know I'm going out and I start getting all unecessary.  Two hours later and I started to think she was playing with me.  Mind games I think they call it.  So I kept following her from room to room until she felt guilty and it worked.  We only went to the little park nearby but it was OUT of the kennel.  SWMBO was eating blackberries that were growing wild.  I hope she doesn't get sick again.  I also hope no other dog had watered them first!!
The dog you see above, is - or should I say was, Billy.  Mum used to walk Billy and Poppy on Epsom Common on a Sunday morning but Billy died.  We carried on walking Poppy until Christmas but we don't go there any more.  We've got Benson now.