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Thursday, 19 August 2010

For my faithful followers

SWMBO didn't want me to put this photograph on my blog - but who's blog is it anyway?  She thinks she looks like a man.  Well, I didn't argue.  The gorgeous creature with her is Eddy, who you will remember is my cousin who lives in Torquay.  They were sailing down to Dartmouth from Totnes as I recall, without me.  I was no doubt living it up in Molesey with my other mum and dad, Val and Eric.
I may not have been very vocal recently but it's been all go this end.  Charlie and Benson have had kennel cough and Molly has had conjunctivitis.  Trixie Belle of Ewell - Charlie and Molly's cousin - has had the cough too.
One day I actually had SWMBO to myself for a walk. Mum had to take Benson to the 'vitnary' and go and get him his meds.  Charlie and Molly were in quarantine and then Benson was.  For some unknown reason, Molly and I seem to have got away with it.  My claws are crossed and I hope I haven't barked too soon.  Perhaps because we are older dogs.  One day, as Benson was stir crazy, his Mum called my Mum and asked her to take him out as he was driving her nuts.  In the mean time, I have been walking with my bitches, Elle and Cindy.  I love their company and their aroma.  Benson does too.  He's back walking with us now.  Today he was scooting along the grass on his itchy bottom, with his lipstick on show.  No class Border Collies.  No class at all.

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