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Thursday, 12 August 2010

I can still pull 'em

Evening all. I must apologise for my absence on line but sometimes life just takes over.  I'm normally asleep so I don't notice but not much has been occurring in this kennel. This is a picture of me with a puppy that was born at Mrs. Jelley's house to Sienna.  She appears to like me don't you think?  Mrs. Jelley is my groomer, you may remember. 
I went to Richmond Park today with Benson.  We met Dawn and her young charge Martha.  We had to take in the swings and slides in the children's play area but Benson, SWMBO and I had to stay outside.  I was too busy trying to sniff out rabbits and Benson was chasing the ball, so we didn't mind the humans enjoying themselves elsewhere.  After the walk, Benson fell in love with a randy 9 year old Staffie called Grace.  Grace?  Trollop more like.  She was walking all funny with her tail over to one side and giving Benson the come on.  Benn never needs much encouragement and before long he was getting very intimate with her exposed bottom.  I heard SWMBO saying to him, 'Well you're not licking me anymore today'.  Benn becomes totally deaf when he's in love and SWMBO had a hard time separating the two lovelorn pooches.  Grace was off lead and followed us, presumably with the intention of swapping telephone numbers or email addresses with Benn but eventually she gave up when we were both dragged to a picnic area.  Martha was given a sausage sandwich and I know from experience that children get bored eating and it's just a waiting game.  Before you knew it I was partaking in sausage and french bread with ketchup.  Benn refused to eat, being so in love with Grace, so I had the lot.


  1. Well, Taffy I really think you should keep a check on your friends ,just as well it is just us poochies that read this otherwise it might be just a little too much info on Benson's amourous behaviour.Or am I just a bit jealous as I am toooo old for such antics.

  2. You are never too old Benji. Just look at me!! Taffy