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Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Dear Diary......

Good Consternoon Afterble, as SWMBO is fond of saying - having a distant relationship with the 'Old Bill'.  Well, well, well. There must be much to tell you but I'll be surprised if I can remember everything.  I can never get near this computer these days.  HWMBO is writing what seems to be the longest book in the world.  SWMBO is hoping it's going to be a best seller, so we can all retire to a dog friendly country in a modestly warm climate.  Of course he'll never finish it if she keeps nagging him to do all the chores about the house.
Today I have been for 'Jellification'.  I have been shorn to within an inch of my life.  No matter how badly behaved I try to be, I keep getting taken back there.  In fact, I didn't think I was looking too bad and nor did Mrs. Jelley, so I tried to walk right back out of there.  SWMBO had other thoughts and now I need to stay in the warm and dry.  Talking of which, she had me out today with Lady and Benson on Epsom Downs and there was a thunder storm going on.  Well, I couldn't hear the thunder but I certainly saw the flashes.

Lady?  I hear you ask.  Well, Lady is my cousin and her mum has to work long hours this week, so Lady has come for a little holiday with us until Saturday.  She is deaf like me and a little nervous but I'm taking good care of her.  The first night she stayed, SWMBO felt sorry for her and let her come up to the master (or should that be mistress?) bedroom.  I soon nodded off but Lady went on walkabout for some time before she settled.  HWMBO said she made noises all night in her sleep.  I never heard them but I must say she does suffer from wind and I can hear that!!  Being a gentleman though, I pretend not to notice.

The photo above is Lady last night on my bed (she brought her own). I've heard of Red Eye but never green eye!  What sort of camera are they using?

Last night, we were all watching Bouquet of Barbed Wire and didn't notice Lady slip out and perform a nuisance on the kitchen floor.  Sadly, that action made SWMBO change her mind about the sleeping arrangements and Lady was relegated to the hall and kitchen overnight.  Once again she went walkabout and her footsteps could be heard for at least half an hour before she lay down.  (So I'm told - I was in the land of nod almost immediately.)  I managed to sleep through the night for a change and when we went downstairs, unfortunately there was another smelly nuisance on the kitchen floor.

SWMBO blames herself.  She has been giving Lady nice tasty treats that she's not used to and so today, she has been placed on her regular diet regimen.  Watch this space for tomorrow's update.

Going backwards in time now.  Last week, I was on a little holiday of my own.  I went to stay with Val & Eric whilst Mum and Dad went to Liverpool for The Mathew St. Festival, which celebrates The Beatles - whoever they are.  They did ask me but I declined the invitation.  Anyhow, whilst on a walk with Eric, I met a little puppy and played with him.  The puppy's owner thought I was a puppy myself.  What do think about that then?  Obviously the arthritis was on holiday too that day.

Whilst away, SWMBO arranged for another Cinnamon Trust lady - Judy - to walk Benson.  This she did a couple of times over the weekend.  Then Benson's owner fell ill and had to go to the hospital for a day.  Judy was kind enough to rush over and take Benson to her house for the day.  Well, Judy has a big garden and Benson apparently checked it all out.  She has two duckweed covered ponds and Benson tried to be Jesus on both.   He came out all smelly and one can only hope there were no fish in them.

If I've missed anything out, I'll be back very soon with an update.  I have a bit of sleep to catch up on now, having been awake all day. TTFN

I even had to share my bed whilst hers stands empty!

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  1. Hi Taffy
    A good back thrust of the legs would have got that mischief of you bed. I too like to rest my head on the fireplace hearth.
    Benji ,Warlingham.