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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

I'm only a guest

My name is Maggie and I am a guest speaker on this blog for one day only (that's what the old dog who lives here said anyway!) My mum had to go to work today and my usual dog sitters were not available, so I have come to a new house. My food has come too so I don't know for how long I have been abandoned.  When I first met the old codger in the garden, I lay on my back in submission - I was in his territory after all but we both soon realised I was top dog and I set out to prove it.  Laugh?  I nearly offered around the Bonios. 
I first of all jumped up on the bed whilst the woman of the household was trying to make it.  I did get down but felt obliged to get back on, just to prove to the old codger that I still could.
Then I found a pull toy, which frankly had seen better days, so I chewed off the hard plastic then I annihilated the tennis ball part.
This is the old fella' looking at his old Christmas gift from his Aunty Betty.  I wondered why everyone was whispering until I found out that there was a human sleeping in the back bedroom.  This is Taffy's Aunty Barb from Canada.  She's sleeping off something called Jet Lag.  This didn't bother me though and I became quite vocal.  Anyhow it worked because we went for a walk sooner rather than later. It was a struggle getting me into the boot of the car with the old boy but the old woman managed it and off we went.  Imagine my surprise when the boot opened again and in got my old mucker Benson!!  We were so happy to see each other but there was no room to show our happiness, what with the old boy in the corner barking.
When we got to the park, I jumped out of the car boot and took the woman flying across the grass to meet another chocolate labrador.  She had no idea how strong I was.  She dropped her car keys but I wasn't stopping.  I also had to greet a Weimeraner that looked pretty handsome.  When we got back to the car, Benson was out, trailing his lead and the old boy was out still wearing some kind of nappy.  Car keys found we set off.  Minutes later, we met a puppy boxer dog called Charlie and a little rascal called Molly, who told me in no uncertain terms that she was in charge of this pack and don't forget it!  I played and played with Charlie and was covered in slobber.  We were out for what seemed like hours.
We're home now and I am flaked out on the landing of the kennel.  I think I like it here and the old woman seems to like me too. Asked me when I was coming again.  Gotta dash now for some more ZZZZZZZZZ's

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