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Thursday, 8 July 2010

Milly Molly Mandy

This is Ruby.  I have never met Ruby and frankly I wouldn't have posted a photograph of the poor dog showing off all its bits and pieces but I'm told we live in a more liberated world nowadays.  But she does have potential to become a fine English Springer.  She belongs to Karen & Bob and I think she must be bigger than this now.
I don't have much to tell you really apart from the fact that I had the pleasure of Molly's company for a few hours.  Her owners have gone on holiday and left Charles and Molly at home with Hayley. Charles was taken to the vitnary's to stay with Hayley at work and Molly turned up at some ungodly hour in the morning and woke me from my dreams of chasing anything furry.  From that moment on I couldn't sleep.  We're a bit of a double act when together and we beg for treats continuously.  I can't sleep thinking she's getting more treats than me.  When SWMBO gets on the computer (when is she ever off it?) Molly  insists on sitting on her knee. After we'd had to sit through Desperate Housewives - last episode in this series, we were put in the car and first of all took Aunty Michelle to the station.  Then we collected Benson and all three of us were squashed unceremoniously in the rear, standing on each others paws.
The walk was super and whilst Molly and Benson went after the ball, I just trotted beside my mum until it was time to go home.  We dropped off Benson and we were all invited into the back garden whilst Olive and SWMBO had coffee and biscuits.  She knows my favourites are ginger shortbread but even though I was looking very appealing, I got none.  Molly went on a patrol of the garden and managed to squeeze herself right behind the shed.  She was gone a while, whilst I was doing my starving dog appeal and when she came out she had found a whole cooked sausage.  Talk about the luck of the Irish Wolfhound! AND she didn't share it.  She'd better not wake me up early again tomorrow.


  1. Now then Taffy lad - Bertie here!
    Please clarify, if you will, if Ruby is a post-marker or not. R looks very like some members of my family and I sincerely hope that his/her people have not inflicted that "Johnny Cash - Boy Named Sue -type" title on a Him.


  2. 'Appen they 'ave Bertie dear furry friend. They did assure SWMBO that it was indeed a lady dog. Not so sure now tho'. I shall investigate further if I ever meet him/her. He/She's a corker!
    HWMBO, loves the Johnny Cash reference. The man in black..... now he's singing every J.C. song he knows and believe me there are many. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz