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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

This has now become ridiculous....

I know what you're thinking.  I was thinking it too.  Is this a blog for dogs - the superior species - or for cats?  However, I now have the evidence I need.  Every two weeks or so, SWMBO clears off for a few hours and comes home smelling very strange.  Now I know what that odd odour is.  She's going to a cat house.  I always had my suspicions.  What a turncoat she turned out to be.
I think I'm depressed now. I know I'm old and not expected to make 16 but I'm afraid she might be going to get a kitten in my place.  What shall I do?  I may try to be better behaved but I think I'm perfect already.  What if I promise not to lick anyone's legs again? 
During the early hours of this morning I was wandering around the bedroom panting and deliberately ignoring my water bowl.  Then I kind of lost my balance and went down with a thud against their bed.  Then I held my breath - just to worry them.  It seemed to work and they both  rushed to my side thinking I'd panted my last pant.  I wanted to bark 'Only kidding' but I was too hot and bothered. She did feed me fresh chicken tonight though.  Is that a good sign? Now I know they're thinking of adopting a kitten, I might make it easier for them and get lost in the park tomorrow.  As I'm slighty 'mutton' it won't be hard. What do you think dear reader?  Only sensible suggestions please.

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