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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Let me introduce you to Charles Ward

Good Woofternoon.
  This is Charlie, of whom you have heard mention.  He's the new pooch on the block and lives two kennels down from us.In this snap it looks like he has only three legs but it's trick photography!  Charlie was rescued by Nicki recently and has had four homes in his short life.  He has done well for himself now however.  He and Benson love playing together when we go out in a pack.  Today, one of his owners, Lewis, noticed he was very poorly and covered in lumps.  The vet thinks he may have swallowed a bee and went into anaphylactic shock.  He seems to be ok now thank goodness.  (Drama queen - I like all the attention.)  SWMBO went round with a big treat for him and I'm happy to say it was shared out between him, me and Molly, his sister.  (More of whom later)
Goodness it's been hot today. I wish I could shed this fur coat. I have refused my dinner again - as they are still putting tablets in it.  I may eat it later when they're not looking.  She's off out again but himself's home.  I suppose we'll have to watch war films again - or Sci-Fi.  I may just doze off ....................

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