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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Did I mention . . . .

Did I mention I was incontinent? This is not for the faint hearted amongst you but it's a fact of life and getting older.  I mean it's not bad but I am of a certain age and I have that gentleman's condition of a leaky valve. However, I understand that I am loved unconditionally. I mean after all, it can't be long before SWMBO becomes a Tena Lady and I hope HWMBO doesn't dispose of her!! So, in an effort to protect the carpets - I am embarrassed to say that I now wear what she calls a Belly Band but for the purposes of this journal, let's just call it a nappy. I mean it's really cool - it came all the way from America and the pattern of the fabric and everything - but still embarrassing. I often hear her tell anyone who'll listen, that she's mortified having to buy incontinence pads in the grocery store. She makes it worse by saying 'They're for the dog'. This usually gets a laugh at my expense. How can I ever grace the aisles of John Sainsbury's again? She's embarrassed!? She doesn't have to wear it.

Now this is becoming ridiculous.  Who the devil is this?  I've never even sniffed this creature.  Who's blog is it anyway?  He's kinda cute mind.  I think his name might be Bertie from The Isle of Man.  This blog is obviously international now. 
I've been out for my perambulation with Benson already.  There has been a blip in the weather and we had rain today.  SWMBO went out dressed for summer without a coat or brolly and half the walk was stationary underneath a leaky tree, because she was at the hairdresser's yesterday.  I wish she would let me into her secret - because I'm quite grey around the muzzle now ......


  1. Hi Taffy
    I used to look like your friend Bertie many years
    ago.Not quite so many freckles and I was allowed to keep my tail.

  2. Do I know you? Would you like to feature on my blog? Would you like to be my paw pal? Please send photo. Must have GSOH. Taffy

  3. Hi Taffy ('sorry - I nearly called you Pal)..........Bertie here.
    Apparently this site thinks that my profile is "anonymous" - but I'd just like to establish here that I have a fine profile - and indeed members of my close family are noted for their fine, prize-winning profiles at Crufts.

    Thank you for giving me a mention. Regarding my shortfall in the tail department and my place of residence, I must point out that this does not make me a Manx dog. 'Am a good Yorkshire lad.

    About your little problem: I can assure you that there are a number of so-called footballers in the England "Team" that would be very happy to be able to dribble like you. Why didn't Michael Dawson play? He is, after all, a good Yorkshireman like me.

    A'll sithee, lad!

  4. Aye, 'appen lad. Tis a fine profile indeed. SWMBO always says Yorkshire is God's country but since I have Welsh blood in me, we must agree to disagree. Yaki da. Is Michael Dawson a dribbler then? Thank goodness I'm not alone. It doesn't make me a bad dog does it?