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Thursday, 17 June 2010


Woof to all my friends and followers.  This is my cousin Eddy.  She's wearing my bandana.  We were guest dogs at a party in Torquay and we all dressed up.  She's knocking on a bit like me. Everyone loves her.  I only got my folks up twice during the night - as payback.  I tried to bite the hand that was force feeding me my meds but I did get a Cadbury's chocolate button once the tablets had gone down.  Chocolate is bad for me apparently, so I nearly refused it upon principal.  However, seeing the size of my owners hips these days - I thought I'd do her a favour.  I'm a big hearted dog after all!
We went to collect Benson and then went to the park.  I'm not sure if I like Benson.  We sit in the back of the car pretending we cannot see each other.  He takes a shifty sniff of my nether regions when he thinks I'm not looking and I do the same to him.  We don't fight or anything but just do our own thing on the walk. She who must be obeyed ate the rest of the chocolate buttons without sharing them and gave me and Benson some tasteless dog food treats, which were donated to us when Rosie died.  I ask you!  When we got home I settled down for a long sleep, only to find that she was trowelling on the war paint, which lets me know she's off out again.  She claims to love me but never misses something she calls a whist drive.  When she got back, she told me she'd buy me some dried tripe with her winnings of £1.50. Keep it I thought!  Buy yourself some more chocolate buttons.

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