~~My name is Taffy and this is my story~~

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Is the England team playing today Terry?

Where to start?  First of all - who is this?
I'm told that this was mum's first dog Moss -and he came from Battersea Dog's Home a long time ago in dog years. I've heard tell he was near perfect.  And your point is what?  Where are you going with this I hear myself asking?  Anyway, he's history.  More about me.  I'm really not sleeping well in this heat and as I've said before - that means nobody sleeps well.  They leave the fan on all night and have even brought up my water bowl, which SWMBO walks into EVERY night without fail.  Words are spoken - far too impolite for this post. Nothing to do with me.  Do you remember I told you I might be going to the vet's?  Well, it happened.  I trembled in trepidation in the waiting room but it wasn't too bad.  A nice lady vet fondled my hairy body and she did not hurt me.  I even saw Hayley there  (Charles and Molly's pack member).  Money changed hands and I thought I'd got away lightly considering.  Imagine my reaction later, when I had a syringe thrust into my mouth and an awful substance squirted towards my throat.  Do they think I'm a junkie?
  It's supposed to help with my mobility - well we'll see.  Now I know what to watch out for - they're going to have trouble catching me.  I left my dinner last night.  Too hot to eat and I do have to watch my figure after all.  It seems to be a theme in this house.  White Chocolate Milky Bar dessert not withstanding.
I wasn't expecting to be writing today - it being so hot an' all and quite frankly I didn't have any new material to share.  That all changed however, when we went on an early morning walk with the neighbours.  Benson was collected and off we went up to Epsom Downs.  There was a race on though and there was nowhere to park.  So we changed direction and went off to Epsom/Ashtead Common.  Well these extra miles are hard on an old fella's bladder and thank goodness she keeps a few old blankets in the boot for us dogs.  That's all I shall say.  We got there eventually and I was reminded of when I used to go there every Sunday morning.  Today however, there was no Poppy but there was me, Benson, Charles, Molly and the beautiful princess Trixie, Belle of Ewell.  (Yes, we're talking posh pooch here - gets carried in a bejewelled dog bag etc. Very precious)  Benson was in total awe of her bottom for the whole walk.
Well, what a pack we were. The woods were heaving with dogs, cyclists and even horses.  Charles disgraced himself and tried to eat the horse poo.  Benson was put on the lead because he chases horses and I went into the muckiest pool imaginable.  Because I'm not good on my paws these days, I slipped and took a tumble head first and came out black, from nose to tail.  My goodness it felt good.  We passed a stream where SWMBO fell last winter and landed up right in the drink.  It still makes me chuckle, even now.  I think the best bit was when she had to empty out her wellies. I digress.
Charlie and Molly found another green slime covered pond and jumped in without a care for all the screaming from their owners.  Molly came out totally covered in green pond slime like a green monster.  You  had to be there - you really did.  I laughed, especially when Charlie jumped up at his owner Terry and covered him with slobber and pond slime.  I know it's unkind but Terry was wearing a bright red England T-Shirt and I guess he had it coming.  I mean, we all had to walk around with him for nearly two hours - pretending we didn't know him.  Laugh . . . you couldn't make it up.  I feel a long siesta coming on.


  1. Well done, Taffy. This was a great read. You hang in there old fella bacause I'm coming to see you in September and am looking forward to it.
    Lots of love,
    Auntie Ba.

  2. Oh Barb, I'm so looking forward to it. I hope I'm still here and the cats aren't!