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Thursday, 24 June 2010

Good woofning

This is Molly - the sister of Charles Ward.  She was rescued some years ago by the warm-hearted Ward family, having followed Lewis home from school.  She is a lovely little dog and is good with me, all humans, even babies (unlike me) but I think she may be a Schizophrenic on the quiet.  She absolutely detests all dogs smaller than herself (you wouldn't think there were that many would you?) Jack Russells and Staffies - and anything else that gets in her way.  She may need counselling.  SWMBO adores her and when she's at our kennel, she gets to sit on her knee whilst she's on the computer and watching tv.  I of course am not allowed this privilege.  Huh!
Well yesterday I outshone myself.  We were invited to Sue's house to play cards with some of Sue's friends - Mathilde and Pat.   These ladies do not own dogs themselves and SWMBO was hoping I'd impress them with my good behaviour.  Well I can't see what I did wrong - I really can't.  It was business as usual as far as I was concerned.  I really liked Pat and I licked her legs until my tongue was sore and until she put hers legs up on the patio table. Every time she put them within reach, I licked some more.  Suddenly I found myself tied up to the parasol!  Then I went behind a lovely Acer tree and sicked up my dinner.  I thought my wretching noises were discreet but I heard a lot of commotion behind me.  Then I brought up some more on the patio.  I think it's the medication I've been on.  Well, what normally happens is, I eat it all up again - and was intending to do so again but before you could call Lassie in on the case, it had all been disposed off.  Thereafter I was starving.  Thankfully I got more dinner when I got back to our kennel.  I wish she'd stop typing now though, as I want my walk.  Oh, here we go....


  1. Saskia and Ciaran say Hi. We have to check out your blog everyday to see if there are any more pictures of all your doggy friends.
    Kimx and Sas and Reeree of course xxx

  2. Woof Sas and Ciaran. Have you got a picture of your pussy cat with her new kittens? They might like to be on my blog. Taffy x