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Monday, 21 June 2010

Bonnie - R.I.P.

Hello woofers!  Taffy Till here.  I hope all the dogs you know had  lovely walks this weekend.  I know I did. However,  I usually have SWMBO to myself but she collected Benson both Saturday & Sunday.  I like the company actually.  I got a nice treat from Mrs James when we got back - so walking with an overactive, 2 year old, border collie does have its compensations.
This is a picture of my old friend Bonnie Fogg, who is no longer with us.  She has gone to meet Barbara Woodhouse in doggie heaven.  She was a lovely old girl and we all miss her.
I heard SWMBO on the phone to the RSPCA last night. She always notices a tethered horse in between 2 busy carriageways near the A3. It's alone and must be terrified of the noise.  However, apparently it's not cruel and the inspector has plenty of emergencies to attend to, so the operator would not be passing on the details.  I heard raised voices by the end of the call but to no avail.  Goodness, I hope she's not going to rescue the horse and bring it here.
Well I said I couldn't promise not to chew my sore paw and SWMBO caught me at it at 5.15 am yesterday morning.  I ended up wearing on old odd black sock.  It now has a hole in it and is covered in dog hairs.  I haven't chewed the paw since though.  Every so often I let her think she's won.  I keep getting distracted by a blue bottle fly which is zooming all around me - so I'd better go and catch it.  I have been told to keep quiet because HWMBO has just gone to bed for a sleep, having had a tooth extraction today.  WIMP!  You wanna lose a claw pal - now that's pain!  Adios.


  1. Well Taffy old mate at least Bonnie will not have another Christmas wearing a cast off from Santa.It makes me think of the time my two little persons who must be obeyed put my lovely spanielly ears into bunches 'cause they thought it would save them getting soggy whilst eating supper.Well there is nothing quite like the aroma of old dried food on the end of my ears.Then the SWHMBO thinks a good brush of the ears is needed for crusty fur on ears.That of course can be painful.Hope your paw is on the mend. Ciao Benji.

  2. I just love the European flavour of your message Benji. Crusty fur.... Have we met before? SWMBO combs me with a weapon of sheer torture and tells passers by I love it. What does she know?