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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Meet Stanley

It has been brought to my attention that the last photograph on this blog was unsightly and needed changing. Thank you Bertie Foster.  Let me tell you about Stanley.  This is he.  Stanley came to stay with us for two weeks after his mum died.  It will be her funeral tomorrow and Stanley is making an appearance.  He was taken to the groomer's on Monday to tart him up a bit.  Looks cute doesn't he?  But he had a bit of a possessive nature to be honest, especially around food.  I put it down to the fact that he was spoiled rotten (as all dogs should be).  And also that he had become an orphan.

Whilst he was with us, he had an enormous bed and it had hidden chewies in the folds of the blankets and if I got too close, he would should me his gnashers.  When SWMBO tried to get him out of his bed for a walk - he would take her on.  She feebly upended his bed to avoid confrontation.  One day he poohed all down the stair carpet.  Another day he was sick in two piles on the dining room carpet.  When SWMBO went to clear up the mess - he went for her - as he was guarding the vomit - probably to eat it again later.

We weren't cross with him because it was all so new to him and he was wondering where his mum was.  In the park, he went up to every lady dog walker, hoping it was his dear owner Pat.  My mum said it was heart wrenching.  We tried to make his stay with us as happy as possible and we wish him well.

My other mum and dad - Val and Eric offered to give Stanley a new home but  he is to be flown to California very soon and live the rest of his canine days in the sunshine with two Bassett hounds and a couple of cats.  He will be flying 'Virgin' and apparently will take up temporary residence in the cabin crew's down time quarters.

Remember Austin?  Well the sad news is he's become almost blind very suddenly.  Goodness, this is a sad journal today.  I on the other hand am fighting fit - regardless of what they say.  SWMBO now has a job, so when she leaves early in the morning, I bark and bark until she gets back.  This seems to displease my Dad for some reason.  I think he should get up at 06:45 hrs as he's missing the best part of the day.  He disagrees oddly, so today I was put in the car and stayed there until my mum had done her job and then drove me home.  I'm happier in the car and I don't bark.  Anyway, she's on Easter break now, so we can all have a lie in again.

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