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Saturday, 7 May 2011

Slaughter In Stoneleigh

Hello again.  Long time no bark. I am about to tell you about a very sad day in my garden yesterday.  This is Benji - you may remember him being the substance of a previous post on this here blog.  Well, Benji is coming to stay with me in the summer for a few days whilst his folks go and have a good time without him, somewhere too hot for a pooch to go. He visited us to see if standards were up to his expectations.  I think they may have been but he doesn't know yet, that he won't be allowed on the furniture.  Well, if I'm not - then surely he's not.
My mum has a tendency to feed every wild creaure or bird that comes into our garden.  She had just put out the seeds and bread for the birds when Benji arrived.  His owner, Aunty Anna warned SWMBO that he chases birds but my mum didn't take her seriously, Benji not being a young pooch.  Well, look at the photo dear reader.  He looks quite pleased with himself don't you think? None of us heard anything and there was no corpse either.  I can only imagine there's a hairless pigeon flying round these parts.
I was kind of impressed in a macabre sort of way, since I have never caught a pigeon.  I killed a rabbit once but we never talk about that.  SWMBO refuses to believe I could be capable of such a massacre.  (But I am - or rather, used to be.)  I almost catch the foxes that beseige our garden on a daily basis.  They think I'm old but I still chase them away.  One, a vixen has the audacity to chase ME down my own garden when she thinks I'm not looking.  She actually snapped at my back legs.  The result of this, is that I now have a garden escort in the evening, to level the playing field so to speak.  I don't need the back up but I let them think I do.

This is the vixen, having just had a drink from the bird bath.  We're all waiting for her to bring her babies into the garden but for different reasons I suspect . . . . . .

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  1. Well Taffy when I come to visit we will work on a campaign so the vixen thinks twice about visiting your domain with her family and leaving unwanted deposits etc.