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Monday, 15 August 2011

Snoop Dog

Meet Snoop - I haven't but you can.  Last week, when I had been deserted once again, SWMBO went to a wedding in Plymouth, wherever that may be.  Hang on hang on!  I think they collected me from Plympton 14 years ago.  I wonder if it's nearby.  Anyway, she met some lovely people apparently, who were trying to get their dog fixed up with a hunky  dog like me.  And what a lovely bit of stuff she turns out to be. She looks very grand on her lounger, showing off her bits.  I'll woof you what, if I was 92 years younger . . .  . .  . she could have had me.  I think she comes from quite a posh background.  Take a butcher's at that decking area.  Looks like she's about to have some barbecued food delivered to her any moment now, in the shade of a fine Fatsia Japonica.  And that's not the only thing I admire about this pooch.  She can read!  Oh yes, take a look.
Granted, the TV Times isn't exactly what you'd call high-brow but hey - I'm impressed.  I guess this could be called online dating.  I really like the cut of her jib.  I saw her first Scottie.  I know you are a J. R. too but I get first sniff of this lady! My Dateline ad would go like this:- Mature, red head (and body) with GSOH and incredibly sharp teeth - if somewhat brown now, would like to meet a furry friend for long romantic walks in the woods and spaghetti meals, a la Lady and the Tramp.  Cats need not apply. Whaddya think Snoop my sweet?

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